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Retention of a high glossy or matt finish on your vessel is key towards maintaining Value and appeal. We undertake complete painting works from hull protection, cracks and blisters repairs, filler, faring and top coat application through to wax polishing, stainless steel hardware polishing and antifouling application below waterline. The brand paint system dictates the scope of work, and is adhered to from initiation to completion as per enforceable warranty policy. GC Marine also offers unmatched wrapping services for that custom look.


In top overhauling and major overhauling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts form an essential requirement for less down time. GC Marine undertakes engine oil service, periodic servicing, gearbox servicing, overhauling, replacement and installation of inboard engines, outboards, pod drives, jet engines, generators, pumps and compressors. We also Hydraulic and pneumatic systems supply, repairs and installations ranging from steering at helm, pressure valves, pumps and thruster systems to hydraulic trims at stern.


A well designed on-board fire plan ensures safety while at sea, taking into account the long-term maintenance cost of the same. Our experienced team is well equipped to install accessories matching the requirement. GC Marine also offers repairs and upgrade of existing electrical scope including and not limited to lighting, navigation equipment, audio-visual integrated equipment, motor winding, DC-AC and AC-DC conversion etc. We can perform load test to ascertain and recommend most efficient system in relation to power supply.


GC Marine is your one stop solution for all heating and air conditioning needs, providing design, supply and installation, modification for efficiency, maintenance and repairs services. In dealing with air conditioning systems ranging from 3000-240000BTU, air- and water-cooled chiller systems, split systems, mini-split systems and self-contained units, our team can also provide all installation and maintenance services for refrigeration equipment, and suggest best HVAC equipment available in dynamic market to match present need.


For class vessels hull renewals, vessel modification, custom installation and hardware repairs, contact us for best rates. We fabricate, repair and install guard rails, specialty deck hardware, seats, frames of any kind and flooring. Our certified welders are on hand to design and walk you through full scope of works ensuring satisfactory end-user products or materials as per request.


In an ever-changing global trend new product lines are supplied every other day, and in keeping up with present trends, we offer designing concepts in line with vessel profile and design. From the best of artificial, engineered and natural wood, fiber laminates and upholstered surfaces to glazing we follow the design map to client requirement with excellent finishing. We also replace cracked and worn windshields customized in our workshop. Our highly talented Carpentry section nurtured with years of experience within the same field deliver beyond expectation.


Only the finest certified Burma FEQ natural forest mature teak is most suited for sea-going vessels owing to the harsh weather conditions while in the deep blue. Our decking is custom made as per vessel template matching the deck profile down to a millimeter measurement. GC Marine also undertakes design patch ups most suited for table tops, gangway platform, interior decks and shower bases. We also offer services for teak cleaning, re-caulking on seam line, plank renewal and per measurement area replacement.


The action of sea water on a worn out hull that may not have been poorly constructed is unforgiving giving rise to permeability which causes water seepage and thereafter obvious results. GC Marine have a testing and repair team to eliminate bubbles and effects of osmosis on fiber hull ensuring sea worthiness. Our team of fabricators can also mold hard to find elusive parts or customized items and patterns to include installation as per requirement.



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